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7 Responses to “International Cunt Kick Day”

  1. Bleearrrrgggghhh. Well, you asked for barf!

    Actually, I’m just here because I like to say cunt. I cunt go a day without a cunt, because, one’s attached to my body! Anytime I want to play with my cunt, it’s right there. I don’t even have to go to a bar to find a friendly cunt, and I don’t need no boots for protection (the flora’s just fine, and so’s the wallsa and ceilinga). Damn, life is good!

  2. what shall we do to celebrate the cunt kick day?

  3. Astro Nj said

    Unbelievable that people are still arguing over the “ethics”, “threat of violence” of cunt kick. When I was younger, I got hit on the balls as a joke and it was painful, and then during sports got hit a couple of times and got over the pain after several minutes and there ends the matter. Even the real thing never took long to get over. Its amazing reading complaints even from people on the several anti-FTB sides. And all this comes after Franc did all the hard yards by himself. If they had better ways to deal with the baboons, they could have done so earlier. But nope..its got to be now. I think I completely hate holier-than-thou people now. To quote a wise man we know :-), “Nothing makes a person feel purer than decrying the impurity in others”

  4. John D said

    Perhaps this will be a good day to celebrate all the exaggerated and hyperbolic claims made at FfTB. We could make a collection of the stupid claims and then go there and paste them into the comments sections. I still have not been moderated or banned on about half of them. hehe…

  5. Allison said

    I wish a happy ICK Day to everyone everywhere! May the joys of this blessed day delight you and your loved ones.

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